Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral

This mystery involves a carving of what appears to be an astronaut, found on the outside of a cathedral in Spain. Cathedral Ieronimus was built in 1102 AD by Episcope de Salamanca. Could this be a carving from someone who’s been to the future? Could this be some bit of technology that existed back in 1100 AD?

In fact its non of the above. In 1992 the Cathedral Ieronimus was renovated to add some additional modern and contemporary motifs. The reason for these motifs was in the tradition of the cathedral builders and restorers, they include contemporary motifs among older ones as a way of signing their work. The builder at the time, Jeronimo Garcia, chose an astronaut as a symbol of the twentieth century. This obviously debunks any and all suspicions of someone sent from the future. SOLVED!

Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral 1

Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral 2

Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral 3

Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral 4

Astronaut Carving Ieronimus Cathedral 5


12 Responses to “Solved! – 1102 AD Astronaut Carving Found on Ieronimus Cathedral in Spain?”

  1. Interesting that a builder renovating a cathedral would choose an astronaut as a relief. Space travel is a testament to the limits that God has set in place that man is also willing to defy. After all, it was less than 400 years ago that Galileo was condemned as a heretic by the church for his perceptions of astronomical study.

    Perhaps that is an archaic attack on the church, but it is widely known that Catholicism tends to reject and even damn new and radical ideas. The idea that man could reach his hand upwards into the heavens would be an absurd and heretical gesture only a few generations ago.

    Now it is openly embraced and carved onto high cathedral walls. The irony is ambrosially palpable.

  2. Royal Courage Says:

    Hey Josh, thanks for the comment! I know what you mean, very ironic! I feel we see this all to much in history, when some people do not understand the perception of others they freak. In Galileo’s case, he ended up dead, but it happens.

  3. Trismegistos Says:

    I must mention the Greenmans plastic on gothic churches and cathedrals, they ale “pagan” looking and there is no good answer why they put them there :)

  4. Ah…sorry, but Galileo studied with priests, and the church didn’t condemned him by his “perceptions of astronomical study”, but by his stubbornness. I agree the astronaut is an attack to the church, but the idea of the church being repressive against such things is wrong. Also, today the Catholic Church keeps an academic center dedicated to advance science, where they even accept atheists.

    People tend to flame the church with such “intolerance” image, but remember that Copernicus was condemned too, and not even he studied with priests, but was one of them himself.

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  6. they have forgoten …what it truly meant what it ‘s purpouse was and the sad part is it happens all over the world either building churches by the thousands to “spread” god’s will to the unbelivers heretics and such ,or “decorating ” theme in extravagant ways to gain the “support” (mostly money and donations ) . i speak mostly from experience from seeing this city priests who always have a big fat role of money and big houses from all the generous ties all the poor people give to support the church


    and as for Trismegistos comment “of pagan look in some churches :the victor rights history to his own desires ,but human habits and traditions die hard you just need to know where to look

  7. CNN: Vatican The Possibility of Alien Life.

    The Vatican’s Take on Aliens?

  8. Not solved at all! The only source to this theory is a lame Portuguese article. Nothing official, nothing credible.

    People, be open minded! Stop accepting the indoctrination and have the courage to say something different than others, if you believe it to be true!

  9. I’m also thinking that is not solved yet.
    I WAS THERE 1997 and taken many Photos and it’s not appearing new or restored at all…
    And nobody, even the official guides new anything about restorations. It was simply always there!!!

    Alexander can you please inform us more about this suspicious Portuguese article???

  10. By the way, I was also 5 times by the Temple of Seti I, in Abydos, with the airplanes, helicopters, submarines etc. and believe me it was all very ancient (~1290 BC) and very real….

  11. ancient Astronaut theory space suits pop all over the world like Mexico and japan.

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