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Nerd – Tethering Android Phone to Net (no rooting) with PdaNet

So I just moved into a new apartment and of course I haven’t had the opportunity to call a cable company to have them send me a modem. So of course I’m dying here without the internet. Two days go by, I’m done with this I need access to the world!

So I went to the office this morning with the goal of acquiring internet in some fashion. I happen to be scrolling through my phone and saw I had an app for tethering; Barnacle Wifi Tether. I quickly Google’d “Barnacle Wifi Tether” to see what was needed for my computer to be tethered. Long story short, found out rooting my phone wasn’t something I wanted to do at that time. I wanted a better, faster, quicker method that didn’t involve me spending my whole day learning how to root my phone. I mean don’t get me wrong, I rooted my G1 when I had that as well as Jailbrake & unlocked my 3 iPhone’s in the past. I’m sure I could have figured out, I’ve just got better things to do. Anyways I just did a simple Google search for “tethering android no rooting”, found a blog that referred to an app I’ve never heard of “PdaNet“. Didn’t take long for me to find out how great this app is. Starting with the install process, just download, run the application, follow a few steps and install the app on your phone though Android Market. Plug the phone in through USB and click finish. Done! Now you have internet where ever your phone gets service.

Now after leaving the office I went directly home. Well having a little work left to do I needed the internet. Rather than going up to the cabana where there’s WiFi, I wanted to see what PdaNet could do for me. I plugged in my phone and ran the app. I instantly was connected to the internet and was impressed with the speed immediately. I had to check out the speed and went to speakeasy to do a speed test. Now at the time I was also running GrooveShark in the background of my phone (just to get the mood goin). And the test results still gave the phone a download speed of .97 Mbps and .56 Mbps upload. Impressed once again. I turned off GrooveShark and ran the test again. It resulted in a 3.52Mbps download and 1.07 Mbps upload. Damn! Very impressed!

Now even better, I consistently bitch about T-Mobile and how horrible the service is even though it is better than it was 5 years ago. Now a buddy that was over at my house at the time of me preforming my internet magic trick happens to have the new HTC phone that Sptint carries. I wanted to see what this bad boy could do. Supposedly Sprints 4g is amazing, and blows the competition out of the water. WRONG!

After installing PdaNet to the phone, plugged it into the computer and ran the speed test. Wow, the download time maxed out at 1.06 Mbps and upload of .60 Mbps. In my eyes, T-Mobile is killing it out here on the cellular streets. Lol. Now I don’t know what the other providers bandwith is like but would be very interested in finding out.

Moral of the story. If you have T-Mobile for a service provider, keep’em. For the money you pay you can’t get a better deal as well as speed for internet you recieve. Download PdaNet and I promise you won’t regret it.

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Nerd – Google sues US Department of Interior over email bid

Google Einstein

Now working for a website development company,  the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the title for for this artical was, “I love how Google can just say, I wanna sue you. And you, oh yeah and you (haha).” Although I agree they’re in the right to sue but I always like seeing these headlines.

Google Inc. alleges in August the government put a request out for bids that would limit the government to use Microsoft Corp.’s business productivity software, which was designed for the federal government.

Google spoke on the matter and mentioned this was “unduly restrictive” and in violation of the Competition in Contracting Act. They said in a statement that having an open process “could save U.S. taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and result in better services.” Google presented a solution using Google Apps.

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So this site has been floating around the office for a little while now. I truly believe this Arcade Fire’s Experiment is a amazing example of the powers of HTML5. I had sometime to speak with a good friend and technician about the technical aspects. As seen in the Chrome Experiments details, the new audio, video and canvas tags in HTML5 are used to fullest.

Its pretty crazy. The application uses a combination of custom size windows for video and other content, along with a custom rendered map that utilizes the Google Maps API. Also including a postcard aspect for an interactive and personal touch.

More than anything this shows us the power of HTML5 and what the internet has ahead for us.

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