Nerd – Google sues US Department of Interior over email bid

Google Einstein

Now working for a website development company,  the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the title for for this artical was, “I love how Google can just say, I wanna sue you. And you, oh yeah and you (haha).” Although I agree they’re in the right to sue but I always like seeing these headlines.

Google Inc. alleges in August the government put a request out for bids that would limit the government to use Microsoft Corp.’s business productivity software, which was designed for the federal government.

Google spoke on the matter and mentioned this was “unduly restrictive” and in violation of the Competition in Contracting Act. They said in a statement that having an open process “could save U.S. taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and result in better services.” Google presented a solution using Google Apps.

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