Art – Martin Kovalik Art or Pornography


Martin Kovalik is well versed in figure, portraiture and beauty photography, but also branches out into erotica and scenery. Now this type of photography has been somewhat of a controversial subject, is this art or pornography?

You can distinguish eroticism from pornography through participation or not, in the subjects sexual performance. In pornography, there is involvement of some sort of sexual arousal, where in this type of art there maybe the awakening desire for arousal, though not the main intention of Mark’s work.

Issues related to eroticism, pornography and art is always controversial by the inability to draw a line separating them, partly because they are closely related to tolerance and experience of the observer himself.









5 Responses to “Art – Martin Kovalik Art or Pornography”

  1. i like verry much his photography! is mai favorit photographer

  2. great shots ! i especially like the first one…

  3. Why are the flaps censored in the 3rd last one?

  4. Royal Courage Says:

    The artist did that. I don’t know why, I asked myself the question.

  5. Artistic censoring most likely. Probably a political statement. I don’t like my art mixed with politics, though. It’s like mixing anchovies with my ice cream. :/

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