Nude House Programmers

In Buckinghamshire, London a local company, Nude House, has placed an ad looking for women as programmers who are willing to work in the nude.

Chris Taylor, 63-Year Old Nude House Founder, says they are the only business in the world who’s employees don’t wear any clothes while at the office.Chris Taylor - Nude House According to Chris, it’s every nudest dream to work in an environment where you don’t have to wear anything, just clean, warm and happy place to work. Now since most of Nude House’s business is conducted online, nobody needs to know they’re naked. Now Chris has been a nudest himself for 20-years, and he claims that it hasn’t affected his business at all. In fact, he’s doing so well he’s planning to open up a new office in the near future.

Now the whole reason why he’s specifically looking for women, isn’t for the reasons your thinking of. Currently Nude House is operated by 7 nude males and 1 nude female and Chris feels it should be a little more balanced and not as male-dominated. ”Sex does not concern us and is not promoted by us – we merely provide an environment where the staff may be in offices that are all naturists,” Taylor told the Daily Telegraph.

But the biggest issue so far isn’t getting the applications, it’s identifying those job applicants who are only interested in seeing other naked people or trying to have sex with them. So far, seven women have applied for the $37,600 a year job.


6 Responses to “Nude House Company Looking to Hire Nude Female Web Designers & Programmers”

  1. i think its a very good idea…
    whts the process to join your company…

  2. Royal Courage Says:

    @honey singh – I know that the company is looking for specific qualifications but here is the link directly to their website. Thanks!

  3. this cant be 2011 with a ridiculous huge crt monitor and phone like that

  4. Royal Courage Says:

    @troublemakr – to be honest with you I have no idea if this company is still around. Their website is still live and they even have jobs available. But I would have to agree with you that photo is pretty old based on those CRT monitors there in the background. As a web development company I would hope they’re a little more up with the time.

  5. hmmm it gud idea i wana join us your company how to apply i need a job

  6. I am also interested to join this company what will be the process?

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