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So this site has been floating around the office for a little while now. I truly believe this Arcade Fire’s Experiment is a amazing example of the powers of HTML5. I had sometime to speak with a good friend and technician about the technical aspects. As seen in the Chrome Experiments details, the new audio, video and canvas tags in HTML5 are used to fullest.

Its pretty crazy. The application uses a combination of custom size windows for video and other content, along with a custom rendered map that utilizes the Google Maps API. Also including a postcard aspect for an interactive and personal touch.

More than anything this shows us the power of HTML5 and what the internet has ahead for us.

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News – Time Traveler in Chaplin Film “Final Conclusion”

The Time Traveler

So a certain Charlie Chaplin video has gotten pretty popular and has gotten some pretty good circulation around our office here the past couple of day. Now keep in mind, we get a ton of random videos and clips floating around the office, and normally I wouldn’t be the guy to watch a Chaplin film, but after hearing the subject I had to take a look.

The story originated when a George Clarke out of Belfast, NI posted a video on YouTube with a clip from the Chaplin film (The Circus – DVD Extras) pictating a women on a cell phone. Now keep in mind, this is a film that was made in 1928, and accourding to a few sources, the first “handheld mobile radio device” was made available in 1973. 1928 and 1973… Those dates are pretty spread apart.

Now the video depicts a “supposed” old women with a dark hat, wearing a dark coat, similar to the clothing used in the 1920’s. You can see this women is obviously holding something in her hand, fingers are curved around something, and holding this object up to her ear (obviously similar gestures as using a cellular phone).

George suggests it could be a “A time traveler”, or some crazy women holding a black piece of something to her ear. But the person was talking in the clip and even expressing emotion. George is convinced that the “piece of something” is a phone.

Below is George Clarke’s YouTube video depicting the Time Traveler.

Now I’ve read a few blogs about the mysterious “Time Traveler” and non so far have suggested a real feasible answer on who/what this could be. I’ve figured it out. Its The Penguin from Batman Returns. Lol.

The Penguin is "The Time Traveler"

What do you think?

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Art – Kim Joon – Body Art

Kim Joon, is no common artist. This is a man that uses naked feminine bodies as a canvas and intertwined in sensual positions.






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