What should I post about?? Sinkhole??

Now this morning when I asked my buddy what I should post about and he suggested something I didn’t think my readers would appreciate to much. I look back at the monitor after discussing the topic with TJ and I see this image of a hole that looks like the door way to hell in the middle of some town or village. Come to find out its a Sinkhole, now whats a Sinkhole? So of course I turn to my trusty friend Google for the answer. Now according to Wikipedia (which we all know isn’t the most accurate at time’s) a Sinkhole is a natural depression or hole in the Earth’s surface caused by a processes called Karst. Now I guess the Karst processes is the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks or suffosion processes. What ever that means. I just wanted to know how a hole appears in the middle of a village. So as I read on, it appears that the natural depression or hole in the surface is caused by the removal of soil/bedrock (sometimes both), by water. Pretty interesting stuff. Here’s a few images of the most impressive Sinkholes.

Guatemala Sinkhole – 2007

Apparently several homes and people were taken in by this Sinkhole on February 23, 2007. Three people are confirmed missing in Guatemala City according to officials.

Guatemala Sinkhole 2007 - Photo 1

Guatemala Sinkhole 2007 - Photo 2

Guatemala Sinkhole – 2010

Again 3 years after the first Sinkhole another one struck on May 3o, 2010. This Sinkhole was caused by the first huge tropical rain storm of the year.

Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 - Photo 1

Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 - Photo 2



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