News – World’s Oldest Father: 94 Year Old Ramjit Raghav

94 yr old Ramajit Raghav has claimed the title of world’s oldest father. The women we really should be giving credit to is his 54 yr old wife Shakuntala Devi who gave birth to their first baby. I wonder how old the oldest mother is?

Both Ramajit and Shakuntala are extremely happy and excited, considering baby Vikaramjeet was like a gift from god (God’s gift) and they planning on having a second child for next year. Although their ages are past the normal fertility period they feel they can pull it off.

Ramajit, Former wrestler, strongly believes that his health will keep him around for many years to come. He strives to see his soon grow up: “I will die only if a black snake bites me and that is very unlikely. Visit me after ten years and you will find me in the same appearance. My daily diet comprises three litres of milk, half a kilo of almonds and half a kilo of ghee (clarified butter).”

Ramajit, 94 years old according to the paper records, but he actually claims hes 100 years of age. Still, doctors say that, although it can’t be ruled out, having a baby at this age is a extremely unlikely.


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